Private Practise – Personal Services


I am an experienced coach having worked in business, sport and personal development since the late 1970’s. Most people understand how sports or business coaching business coaching works, but what about ‘freedom’ coaching?

This encompasses all the domains of life and plays a vital part in your discovery of who you are, your purpose in life,who you wish to be and how to achieve true personal freedom in an apparently unfree world!


Mentoring differs from Coaching. It’s a process of guiding and teaching the when, where  and how of whatever you wish to achieve whereas Coaching is about helping you discover the what and why of your direction and purpose in life.

If you are looking for help with a purpose you have already decided on then call me to discuss whether I may be able to assist you.


I am a certified practitioner in a number of therapies which complement my coaching work. I’ve found  people often come up against ‘blocks’, ‘ restrictions’ or limiting beliefs they’ve acquired in their history, in this life or a past life.

These techniques will clear such issues allowing you to proceed on your path without being restricted by your past in the decisions and choices to are able to make and the actions you are able to take.


I have experience speaking to groups of all sizes, to inform, to inspire, and to encourage people to think differently. If you need a speaker who’s different and inspirational for your event or group why not contact me to talk it over?

Any of these talks can be adapted to 20 or 45 minutes with or without questions and to some extent tailored to the audience and context. Some can also be presented as a 90 minute or 3 hour workshop.


Drawing on my extensive experience in various fields I offer specialist services to deal with specific business or interpersonal challenges you may face. Key areas of expertise are information management, organisational behaviour and marketing.

I will provide advice and guidance and carry out investigations and ‘field work’ as necessary. I do not however get directly involved with the implementation of the solutions you choose.