I am an experienced coach having worked in business, sport and personal development over the since the late 1970’s.
Most people understand how sports coaching works and to some extent how business coaching works, generally it’s all about improving ‘performance’.
But what about ‘life’ or ‘mind’ coaching which is often surrounded by some mystery and very few people know what it’s all about.
In fact it’s just the same, it’s about improving your ‘performance’ in those fundamental areas.
But you may be asking “Why do I need a coach”?

If you’d like to know more book a call with me and I’ll get back to you


I provide coaching programmes for business and personal performance development.

  • 90 Day ‘builder’ programmes designed for those new to coaching which include a workbook and weekly coaching call.
  • 2 month ‘engagement’ programmes for those with a clear vision of what they want to do in life or business.
  • Quarterly coaching to keep you on track
  • One-off bespoke coaching agreements to deal with specific issues

Life Mastery Coaching

  • Want to make some changes in your life?
  • ‘Stuck’ with something you don’t know what to do about?
  • Generally ‘unhappy’ about your lifestyle?
  • Not sure what you want from life?
  • Don’t know what to ‘do’ next?

Personal Business Coaching

  • Always wanted your own business but not sure how to go about it?
  • Have a great idea or a passion you’d love to turn into a ‘business’?
  • Already have a business but want to get it ‘unstuck’?
  • Want to escape from the ‘rat race’ by being your own boss?
  • Not getting the results you expected from your business?

Without a guide you’ll go down the wrong paths and have to turn back, you may misinterpret the signposts, or not realise they’ve been moved, and  you’ll be led astray by ‘great ideas’, ‘scary monsters’ and ‘bright shiny objects’.

And if you do successfully complete your journey, it will have taken you more time, more effort, and more investment than it would have done if you’d had a coach. I know this from personal experience!