Ben Coker –  The Freedom Coach

Are you ‘free’?  – Do you feel free?  – Would you like to be free?

Not everyone wants to be free – Although they say they do – they really don’t want to when it comes down to it
You see, freedom, true personal freedom, requires responsibility – responsibility for yourself
The thing is, most people want their freedom to be ‘free’
They want someone else  to give it to them

I’ll help you find your own freedom

Because it’s there for the taking – It may not be easy, and it may not be simple – so I have a vast array of tools to help

Of course, first, before you can find it for yourself you have to know what it is
And it may not be what you think – One person’s idea of freedom may be different from another’s

I’ll help you find the Seven Keys which unlock your personal freedom and find the gates you need to unlock

I’ll show you the differences between freedom from, freedom to and freedom of as we go through the journey

At the end, if there ever is an end, things will be different and your view of the world and the universe will be different

Are you up for that?

I’m the Freedom Coach

I’ll guide you on your journey – if you are brave enough – to seek your own personal freedom in what seems to be a very ‘unfree’ world

It starts with a call – Are you free to make that call? Because I’m free to take it.


Coach, Mentor, Therapist, Writer and Speaker

Your first step is to book a call with me – a 25 minute clarity call or a 50 minute strategy session  if you want to go into more depth. Lets get connected and see where it takes us . . .