I am a certified practitioner in a number of therapies and modalities  I have chosen to complement my coaching work.
I’ve found that quite often people come up against a ‘block’ or ‘ restriction’ or a limiting belief that they have acquired somewhere in their history, in this life or a past life.
These techniques will clear and sometimes completely ‘delete’ these issues allowing you to proceed on your path without being restricted by your past in the decisions and choices to are able to make and the actions you are able to take.

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Rapid Transformational Therapy

RTT is a hypnotherapy based process developed by Marisa Peer.

It includes elements of clinical hypnotherapy together with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Neuto Linguistic Programming (NL) among others making the process of resolving issues is undertaken in a much shorter space of time  instead of several weeks, or months, of hour long sessions with a conventional hypnotherapist.

It uses present life regression as the basis for identifying the incidents that have caused a particular problem – which are not always how the problem manifests itself now.

RTT Sessions can be carried out face to face or online using Zoom.

The initial session is followed up if required by further sessions but importantly  a short (15 min) self hypnosis audio recording is provided which must be used for 21 days immediately after the first, and any subsequent session. This audio is tailor made, specific to the client based on the session preceding it and is an essential part of the therapy

It is normal also for follow-up coaching sessions to be needed for an extended period after the first RTT session.

Soul Realignment

The Soul Realignment technique developed by Andrrea Hess examines your past lives through access to the Akashic Records – a sort of 5th Dimensional database, to identify blocks and restrictions, caused by past lifetime events, which have not been previously cleared.

The technique also identifies the basic characteristics you were endowed with when you were first created and this may help to explain or guide your actions and choices in the present lifetime.

It’s done remotely by the practitioner based on some very simple information. You are provided with a verbal report and a small amount of ‘homework’ to do to complete the clearing process. The Akashic Records are somewhat tedious to interpret due to the process that has to be used so it can take the practitioner several hours to prepare your report.

However, it only ever needs to be done once.


This is an ancient Hawaiian clearing technique recently redeveloped and simplified by Dr Hew Len.

It can be carried out remotely by the practitioner and is suitable for the resolution of complex problems or difficulties being experienced by individuals or groups. Face to face contact is not required although it is sometimes necessary to carry out the process in relatively close proximity to the subject rather than remotely.

The practitioner will require a detailed synopsis of the matter to be resolved. It deals with present life problems but in doing so clears inherited limiting beliefs and more importantly beliefs that you have ‘taken on’ from others.

Ho’oponopono is a continuous process lasting a number of weeks, carried out by the practitioner and the price for this will depend on the matters being addressed.