WARNING! What you need to know about ‘Coaching’

The Benefits

Coaching done properly will help you achieve a lot, and importantly much sooner than if you attempted to achieve things by yourself. A good coach will help you get further faster. The term ‘coaching’ is derived from the German for Coach – Kotsche – as a transport vehicle. German students used to employ people to help them through their examinations more efficiently than if they studied by themselves or in other words to help them get from where they were to where they wanted to be.

Coaching will help you with: Clarity. Identity, Purpose & Goals, Support, Guidance, A Way Forward, Confidence, Skill Development, Freedom, Direction, Release, Connection, Peace, Joy, Knowing, Self Awareness, Accountability, Belief, Mindset and much more.

Coaching done properly will help you get what you want, get from where YOU are to where YOU want to be. It will take time but it will take up far less of your life than if you attempted the journey by yourself or are advised by someone with inappropriate or no skills.

The Downside

The trouble with most coaching and especially ‘business coaching’ is that most coaches are trained and certified to provide coaching to a formula or fixed ‘syllabus’. Many of the so called coaches who’ve been trained and certified by the various business coaching¬† franchises or been granted a licence by top name life coaches to present their personal version of how it should be done will just follow the ‘script’ in a robotic sort of way.

The result of this approach is the coaching becomes more about them, the coach, than you, the client and tend to constrain things to be done in a specific order – ‘their way’ – usually including things you don’t need in your particular situation. “I’ve been trained by (for example) Tony Robbins” may sound good but is that particular programme right for you, or does it take you down a path you don’t want or need to go?

There is very little if any flexibility in this ‘formula’ coaching or consultancy style whereas what I do, although based on a structured background is entirely bespoke, fitted to what YOU need.