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Small to Medium Business Consulting

Business Development

The vast majority of the UK Business population is made up of companies termed ‘Small’ Businesses. I spilt this further into what I call ‘Personal’ businesses that will have less than 5 employees (if any) and are ‘owner managed’ to some extent.

I can help these ‘Personal Businesses’ best though my coaching programmes although dedicated short term consultancy is available for specific issues.

For the ‘organisations with up to around 200 staff (depending on the nature of the business) I provide these specific services


I have been a marketing practitioner and consultant since 1969 including assisting companies marketing to the public, to other businesses and to their own staff.

My primary activity at Warwick Business School for around 20 years was a a tutor in marketing to distance learning MBA students and I am well versed in market analysis and strategy.

The main issues I’ve discovered when assisting companies in this field are that there may be no market at all (or a very select market) for what they are doing or that they are attempting to compete with other providers in inappropriate ways. Either that or they have very little idea about what ‘marketing’ actually is, often assuming that it’s just ‘advertising’ or something for which their sales force is responsible.

If you have a ‘marketing problem’ in that you’re not finding enough clients or customers I may be able to help.


Including process analysis and development and business planning

Drawing on my extensive experience of operating my own businesses and working with other organisations and a manager or consultant I am now able to help you find more efficient and effective ways of operating and controlling your costs and also to hep you develop your ‘business plan’.

The Business Plan is more an operating and process manual for your business rather than an instrument you only use when you want to raise funds. This comprehensive plan covers all aspects of your business and makes it a lot easier for you to persuade people that you do ‘know what you are doing’ should it be necessary to raise funds for further investment.


Including, structure, documentation, finance and compliance.

I will look at how your business works and how it is funded on an ongoing basis. I will also review how your business conforms to all the rules and regulations that seem to be coming into force more and more frequently. Just keeping up for some businesses can be a full time job!

I’m not an accountant but I know how business finance should work, and if you have an accountant who only looks at your history over the past financial year n order to keep your tax bill down then I can outline how you can manage your funding going forwards and also introduce you to trusted specialists colleagues who can help you with this and with other ‘technical’ matters more directly.

If you are unsure about any particular aspect of your business or need specific help with an issue I can either assist you directly or find someone else who can.


To discuss what’s best for your needs book a personal call with me.