Drawing on my experience in various fields I offer specialist consultancy services to deal with particular problems or specific issues you may have.

I will provide advice and guidance and carry out investigations as necessary. I do not however get directly involved with the implementation of the solutions you choose.

For personal and small businesses

  • Marketing
  • Processes Standards & Procedures
  • Information and Operations Management
  • Business Organisation and Planning
  • Financial Management
  • Policies, Contracts, Terms & Conditions

I also specialise with 20+ years experience in Network Marketing (MLM) Consultancy so if you are thinking of joining a business opportunity of this type or are already involved and need some halp do give me a call.

For medium/large organisations

  • Information Management
  • Process Review and Management

Consultancy is carried out on an external basis only, not as a role or post holder within your organisation or as a ‘contractor’. I attend your premises for meetings and research purposes but do all the background work in my own office. I may also recommend or draw on external sources where specialist expertise is required.

If you’d like to know more book a call with me and I’ll get back to you

Personal Business Consultancy

SME Business Consultancy

Large Organisation Consultancy