Taking Charge

“Prescription Without Diagnosis is Malpractice”

Taking charge of a new organisation? Putting Organisations Together in a Merger? Looking to Install new Systems or Processes? Need to “change the way we do things around here”?

Make it Happen

A service for leaders taking charge of transitional change

Transform uncertainty into clarity, and understand where you are, where you’re going and how to get there – safely

I’m Ben Coker

Your Guide and Mentor


A full and thorough investigation of where your business is at. We ask the people who really do the operational work and their supervisors – confidentially – how they see things right now. What they think needs to be done to make things work better. Together with other information and opinion we get a clear picture of ‘where you are now’


Now we know what the situation really is we can look at the options available to get from ‘here’ to where you want it to be. You’ll discover differences between what you thought needed to be done and what really needs to be done and may well find you’re further ahead than you thought! Now you know why you need to proceed with the transition – or not.


Is it going to be a ‘big bang’ approach where it ‘all happens next Monday’ or a ‘softly softly’ approach with incremental changes being made over a period of time? How are you going to manage the change and how will you get everyone concerned on board? The mistake with ‘change management’ is starting from here without doing the previous steps, which is why it goes wrong.

What’s In It For You?

When you take over a business, when you’re appointed to ‘take charge’, when you’re in a merger or acquisition, when you’re considering introducing new IT or AI systems, when you’re contemplating a major procedural change, when ‘something has to be done’ and in many other circumstances there is a period of transition.

Not just a ‘change’. Transition is always much bigger than change and it’s when you and your business are at your most vulnerable. It’s when things go wrong, sometimes disastrously. Transitions are always a risk but at least you can do something to mitigate it.

A key element of the dynamics of taking charge in such situations is to be able to control the transition and I can help you with this. The three steps above summarise the transition process and the page on Clarity explains things further, especially why the whole process works much better when you have an outside perspective on what you are wanting to achieve.

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