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Mindset Coaching

Mindset Coaching

Based on the book ‘Mindset’ by Dr. Carol S Dweck

The first coaching session introduces and develops the concept of the ‘fixed’ and ‘growth’ mindsets, what what they are, how you can identify the mindset traits, how they develop and how you can move towards a growth mindset. The following two sessions focus on putting the theory into practice.

There’s no structured course associated with this coaching but there is a workbook you will be given access to after your first session.

Personal and Small Group coaching is available. For Group Coaching please call first to discuss the size of the group and price per person.

Please read the Coaching Agreement. Making your booking constitutes acceptance of the Agreement

Please book a call to discuss Group coaching

Choose method of  payment

for individual coaching

1. PAYMENT BY BANK TRANSFER. Please pay £450 direct to Life Mastery Universal Ltd.  Sort Code 60-83-71, Account 53712453 – Ref MDC