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Lifespan Coaching

Lifespan Coaching

Managing your ‘Age’

This 90 minute plus coaching session introduces and develops the concept of age management. Your ‘age’ has little to do with the date on your birth certificate which is simply your chronological age. We have several different ‘ages’ at the same time and all of these can be changed according to how we think and behave

There’s no course or workbook associated with this coaching which is likely to require more than one session. (The price quoted is for the first session)

This coaching is personal to you so is not suitable for group work.

Please read the Coaching Agreement. Making your booking constitutes acceptance of the Agreement

Please book a call to discuss Group coaching

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for individual coaching

1. PAYMENT BY BANK TRANSFER. Please pay £450 direct to Life Mastery Universal Ltd.  Sort Code 60-83-71, Account 53712453 – Ref MDC