Personal Business Consultancy

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Personal Business Consulting

Starting or developing your Personal Business over the first 12 months is best achieved by using my Coaching Programmes.

However, it does depend on how much you have already achieved in setting up and starting to operate your business as you may have already covered or be comfortable with much of the material available in the Coaching programme.

In this case I can provide valuable assistance and advice in key specific areas or with key specific issues with which you may be having ‘difficulties’.

And if it isn’t an area that falls within my wide experience and expertise with personal businesses then I can certaily find someone amongst my trusted colleagues who will be able to assist you.

Business Creation

If you are just thinking about a business and are still at ‘square one#’ or even less then the Personal Business Creation System (PBCS) is for you. It’s part of The Freedom Academy. For more information talk to me or check it out  PBCS


To discuss what’s best for your needs book a personal call with me.

What is a ‘Personal Business’?