Consultancy for Organisations

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Consulting for Organisations

Consultancy for Organisations

Information Management

My expertise in this area is founded on my programme management experience at ICL and my work as MBA tutor and course author (in this subject) with Warwick Business School.

I undertook a virtually unbroken series of assignments in the rail industry, primarily with Railtrack, but have also advised architects and construction companies as well as organisations marketing to consumers.

This is not about the management of IT, but the management of  information itself within organisations, what criteria are used to turn raw data into information and how information is transmitted between and within different organisational levels.

It has been my experience in general that information tends to be tailored at each level to what they believe the next level ‘wants to hear’. I have seen managers suppress what hey think is ‘negative’ and also in other organisations what they think is ‘positive’.

Usually senior management get the feeling that something isn’t quite right with what is being reported but because it usually originates as data at the ‘front line’ they find it difficult to get to the bottom of their concerns.

I have conducted a number of investigations usually involving direct discussion with front line staff and reporting my findings directly back to the Board or Directors concerned.

In this area I am confident in dealing with organisations of any size in any sector, given the appropriate level of senior management support.

Process Management

Having robust , clear, understandable processes will have a massive positive effect on how an organisation operates. If managed well it can eliminate or sharply reduce any form of ‘blame culture’ and make for a much better working environment for everyone concerned.

Often the result of investigation into information or operational problems comes down to the absence of a clear process or reliance of a process that is out of date or no longer fit for purpose.

These are not particularly difficult issues for me to help you resolve but the exercise usually requires a significant attention to detail and examination of what is going on in time that is often unavailable to people who are going about their normal business.

If you already have a good quality and process management team however these matters should be able to be dealt with in-house, however it often needs a fresh pair of eyes looking at it from the outside to enable real progress to be made.

Taking on the job of process review across the whole of a large organisation requires significant ‘manpower’ and I may be able to help you recruit a team to do this. For smaller entities or single departments within an organisation however, I may be able to help directly.


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